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A Familiar Fairy character refrence sheet
Name: Crow Lawson
sex: Male
Age:  21
Class: Gale wizard
Hair color: Chestnut brown
Eye color: green (glows in the dark)
Tatoos: two runes on his right hand, first rune symbolizes wind and the second rune symbolizes Lightning
Clothing: he always wears a brown leather coat with hood lined with sheep wool; he wears casual pants, a plain green shirt, and hiking boots
Abilities: capable of casting wind and lighting spells, manipulate the wind and knows hand to hand combat
Back story: Crow is a bastard child of a noble family though it never bothered him he wasn’t considered part of the family, but it bothered him that the legitimate family members have to rub it in his nose, at a young age he entered the Wizard academy of Beshlamesh, the capital city of the Draud Kingdom, when he graduated from the academy he graduated in the Gale wizard class. Gale wizards are strong when it comes to wind and lighting magic, they are also known as mages of storms.  After graduation he became a wandering wizard, using his magic to help the people of Draud Kingdom
Partner/Familiar: Esila the Wind fairy
Friends: Nora the Brew Witch
Familiar Fairy Crow Lawson
trying to get back to writing and these characters popped into my head hopefully i will follow through with it
A Familiar Fairy character reference sheet
Name: Esila of the Wind
Gender: Female
Age:  152 (in fairy years she would be around 19)
Species: Wind fairy
Hair color: Honeydew Green
Eye color: Golden yellow
Clothing: fern green, torn top and skirt with belly showing
Abilities: simple magic abilities to cast pranks on people, flight, the assisting power of a familiar
Back story: Esila of the wind was a careless fairy that loved having fun over everything else, one day she was flying in the forests of Dren until a fast flying bird caught her off guard and chased her. When she was cornered by the bird Crow the Gale Wizard came to her aid by casting a wind spell that blew the bird into the sky, Esila’s wing was damaged from fending off the bird and Crow decided to help her heal. Because Crow saved Esila she felt she needed to repay him for his aid, even though Crow just did it just because he could, Esila insisted she needed to do something for him and it was then when Crow offed her to be his Familiar. Like a staff or wand, a Familiar is a method to amplify the magic of a magic user, using a living creature as a catalyst.  Common Familars are dogs, cats, birds, and such, any living creature can do, except for other humans
Partner/Master: Crow
Happy Birthday Niloc1 By Blaze984-d82weso by niloc1
Happy Birthday Niloc1 By Blaze984-d82weso
i won a contest from Blaze984 and won a picture from him and this is it, his character Axel with my OC Jacob Lynback dressed up as a warlock from the game destiny AND I LOVE IT!!! :iconblaze984: thank you 
  • Mood: Shame
i am sorry for being so anti social here just been mostly on my tumblr acount... i want you all to know i am trying to get back at the writing game, and is planing on reseting the Alternent kinds story, just been thinking about it and i feel the mental journal is... well not working out and some parts in the story i felt i put on to quickly 

anyways i want to tell you all in advance that i will be off on a trip for a week starting aug 1st so i wont be online anywhere


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United States
I am not an artist but I enjoy the art i see that other people make. I mainly like Graphic Novel Artist and I have a strange enjoyment of kemonomimi, fan made videogame pics sappy love stories like TwoKinds and scythe weilding warriors and coyotes for their are the dogs of the dessert

i am also a brony... i enjoy creating fan fictions depending on which world they are from (twokinds, naruto, bleach, MLP-FiM)


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thanks for the watcho XD
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Why do you feel bad for her? ^^ She is happy that Eric is drawing a pic of her. :D Or I understand it wrong because of my bad english xD
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sorry i meant on the comic its awsome she is happy in this
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oh that is EPIC!!! thank you ^^
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Glad you like it. The concept is that there surrounded by a templar army and they just took out half, in no time at all.
blaze984 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can honestly say that the new Fiona and cake episode was disappointing. I mean flame price was awesome and pretty "Hot" but no it couldn't be about him could it.
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