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DC comic OC blue lantern
Name: Karl Rosera-sen (last name alien name parents name)
Hero name: Blue Lantern
Species: male
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Hair color: brown
Eyes: blue
Build: average
Scars or tattoos: few burns on his body and a Reach concentration camp tattoo on his arm
Power: Manipulating the blue power of hope, Flight, expert at technology
Attire: standard Blue Lantern uniform with power ring and Blue Lantern Corp logo
Gadgets: a special skin suit under his Blue lantern uniform equipped with distress beacon, flotation device, dye packets, the soul design of the suit was for water landings in case his power ring is out of power
Likes: tinkering, meditating, trying new foods, Tameranians
Dislikes: seeing people in distress… he doesn’t really have any major dislikes
Friends: the Titans, Justice League, the Blue Lantern Corp (especially his mentor Saint Walker)
Arch Rival: Dorju Rosera-sen AKA red Lantern
Love interest: Korland’r Starfire
Origin story: Karl is an earth born human but was abducted when he was a child. Karl was sold as a servant to a small family of red, humanoid aliens called Ro-kier on a Colony in the Orion system, after a while serving the Rosera-sen family, they family soon considered him a part of the family especially his new found brother, Dorju Rosera-sen, (Dorju and Karl were both basically the same age).  One day their colony was invaded by the Reach and killed the Rosera-sen family but the only survivors was Karl and Dorju was separated to be sent to Reach Concentration camps.  Karl was tattooed with a Reach prisoner of war symbol and an alien number. While the Transport was takeing Karl and other prisoners to a Reach inhabited planet the Green Lantern, Abin Sur, rescued and freed the captives, Karl spent years dealing with the death of his adopted parents and through his struggle and belief in a better tomorrow one day caught the Eye of the Blue lantern, Saint Walker, who took Karl to the Blue lantern world Odym where he received his training to wield the Blue light of hope. After a few years of training on Odym, Karl returned to Earth to assist the heroes in their fight against the forces of evil.
Blue Lantern Karl

In fearful day, in raging night,

With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,

When all seems lost in the War of Light,

Look to the stars-- For hope burns bright!

my DC comic original character if there are any questions please send me a message
Karl Rosera-sen is owned by me
the Blue Lanterns, Albin Sur, Starfire are owned by DC comics to their rightful owners

A Familiar Fairy character refrence sheet
Name: Crow Lawson
sex: Male
Age:  21
Class: Gale wizard
Hair color: Chestnut brown
Eye color: green (glows in the dark)
Tatoos: two runes on his right hand, first rune symbolizes wind and the second rune symbolizes Lightning
Clothing: he always wears a brown leather coat with hood lined with sheep wool; he wears casual pants, a plain green shirt, and hiking boots
Abilities: capable of casting wind and lighting spells, manipulate the wind and knows hand to hand combat
Back story: Crow is a bastard child of a noble family though it never bothered him he wasn’t considered part of the family, but it bothered him that the legitimate family members have to rub it in his nose, at a young age he entered the Wizard academy of Beshlamesh, the capital city of the Draud Kingdom, when he graduated from the academy he graduated in the Gale wizard class. Gale wizards are strong when it comes to wind and lighting magic, they are also known as mages of storms.  After graduation he became a wandering wizard, using his magic to help the people of Draud Kingdom
Partner/Familiar: Esila the Wind fairy
Friends: Nora the Brew Witch
Familiar Fairy Crow Lawson
trying to get back to writing and these characters popped into my head hopefully i will follow through with it
A Familiar Fairy character reference sheet
Name: Esila of the Wind
Gender: Female
Age:  152 (in fairy years she would be around 19)
Species: Wind fairy
Hair color: Honeydew Green
Eye color: Golden yellow
Clothing: fern green, torn top and skirt with belly showing
Abilities: simple magic abilities to cast pranks on people, flight, the assisting power of a familiar
Back story: Esila of the wind was a careless fairy that loved having fun over everything else, one day she was flying in the forests of Dren until a fast flying bird caught her off guard and chased her. When she was cornered by the bird Crow the Gale Wizard came to her aid by casting a wind spell that blew the bird into the sky, Esila’s wing was damaged from fending off the bird and Crow decided to help her heal. Because Crow saved Esila she felt she needed to repay him for his aid, even though Crow just did it just because he could, Esila insisted she needed to do something for him and it was then when Crow offed her to be his Familiar. Like a staff or wand, a Familiar is a method to amplify the magic of a magic user, using a living creature as a catalyst.  Common Familars are dogs, cats, birds, and such, any living creature can do, except for other humans
Partner/Master: Crow
  • Mood: Shame
i am sorry for being so anti social here just been mostly on my tumblr acount... i want you all to know i am trying to get back at the writing game, and is planing on reseting the Alternent kinds story, just been thinking about it and i feel the mental journal is... well not working out and some parts in the story i felt i put on to quickly 

anyways i want to tell you all in advance that i will be off on a trip for a week starting aug 1st so i wont be online anywhere


niloc1's Profile Picture
United States
I am not an artist but I enjoy the art i see that other people make. I mainly like Graphic Novel Artist and I have a strange enjoyment of kemonomimi, fan made videogame pics sappy love stories like TwoKinds and scythe weilding warriors and coyotes for their are the dogs of the dessert

i am also a brony... i enjoy creating fan fictions depending on which world they are from (twokinds, naruto, bleach, MLP-FiM)


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blaze984 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
One of the best MLP FIM episodes. No one can ever deny that Doctor Whoves is a reference of Doctor Who after watching this.…

Tell Me what you think.
niloc1 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Saw the video and I agree right to the alonzy to the long scarf... plus it was a total background character montage thumb up
blaze984 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah i think they did this because its what the fans have been asking for.

I mean im pretty sure the paring of Doctor Whooves and Derpy was a fan thing same with Octavia and Vinyl living together. They even through Buttons in there. Man Octavia was really getting into that rock battle. I guess living with her polar opposite is good for her. Also who knew Gummy was so deep and Philosophical.

I started laughing on the inside when the princesses forgot the gift. Even though with there combined magical powers it would be easy for them to either teleport back to the castle or just make a new gift altogether.

Two things that make Doctor Whooves a time lord.
1) The suit he was going to wear and the scarf both belong to previous doctors.
2) He can tell the time with no watch on
niloc1 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
How about the lira and bon bon bit "best friends" it's like kitty and bunny from courage the cowardly dog, cute all the park benches they shared

Oh I don't know if you heard of big lebowsky but the bowling team was based on Steve bushemy Jeff bridges and John Goodman "man"
blaze984 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hey i just finished watching Okami-san and her Seven Companions. I really loved this anime and i loved how many fairy tale characters they crammed in there. And the Narrator brought a really fun side to the anime and pretty much filled us in on everything that we might have missed, It’s kinda like watching it with a friend who talks all the time.. but in a good way. Though i really wish she didn't talk over the main characters, That really got annoying.

Also i love that the three main characters are from the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale.  Ringo Akai (Little Red), Ryoko Okami (The Big Bad Wolf) and Ryoshi Morino (The Huntsmen). My favourite character by far is Sabura (Neko) Nekomiya (Puss N Boots).

I feel like the story left me wanting more. I mean to be honest episode 11 felt like the end and episode 12 was an OVA. But I mean I really would have liked to see that bastard school president Shiro getting arrested or something I mean after everything he did but instead we see Lint giving an ominous warning and looking all sinister with his eyes open for the first time. It just left me saying “Oh whats going to happen next?”. I really expected the last episode to be Shiro’s retaliation but instead it’s a story about a girl who tries to trick Ryoshi into being her boyfriend so she can get his money.

I really would have preferred something with a lot of fanservice in the final episode but I guess it could be considered dis-service with how flat chested Ryoko and Ringo are, but still. You know one thing I always end up forgetting is that these are kids I mean there 13 – 16 years olds, which is just wrong. When I remember that it reminds me how awkward and unbearable watching Strike Witches was I mean I love the concept of strike witches and the fight scenes were awesome but seriously its 13 – 18 year olds running around in panties and even the 18 year olds look 13. In one part of the series there triing to ride brooms but the handle is rubblin against…. You get the idea it was just unbearable to watch. I just made me realize what a perv the guy was who made it is.
But I guess with most animes that feature nudity or fanservice its usually with characters that are 16 – 18. Well I guess following that logic it was a good thing that the only real fanserve was that brief shower scene that showed nothing. Oh and when Ringo give her sister mouth to mouth… Ok so that was to save her life but still it was technically girls kissing and everyone loves that,” Rightttt Jackie” I (Axel) said as I turned to Jackie Frost who began to look flustered “She was drowning, I saved her and yes I gave her mouth to mouth, I… gave her my first kiss BUT ITS NOT LIKE I LIKE HER OR AYTHING, I like guys like Jacqueline, Jade and I are friends just friends, I don’t like her that way even if it felt like her lips were thawing my frozen heart” “Wait What?” “N-nothing” Jackie said as she got up and ran out of the room.

Yeah that’s a little story ive been working on for awhile and was suppose to be one of the main focus points of my Silver Guardians comic. But lets face it Im not at a level with my art where I can do comics. I just have to find the time to practice more and then maybe one day.
niloc1 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015
I get what you are saying that whole broom stick bit was pretty weird... I had this one experience that lead to six hours of my life gone... an anime that seemed strictly on Fan service, the damn dialog was so cheesy, the actors didn't seem to have heart, went through the whole 12 episodes thinking it would get better then it didn't and an felt a little dead inside. and Jackie I know that you had relations with a certain white tiger with pink hair
blaze984 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
A White Tiger? Look I don’t know what your talking about I grew up on the winter mountains with my mother and only moved here afew years ago. Im sure I would remember meeting  a white tiger especially one with pink hair. Unless….. No not then, I wouldn’t have. But I did black out occasionally. No, nothing happened, I was too valuable to them, they wouldn’t have. But I guess I have had some other blackouts I guess I could have met this person then” She then took a deep breath and composed herself.
But even so I like guys and this thing with Jade is complicated, Shes like family. After everything that happened with mum and her disappearance, When I came to this city alone. She saw something in me and gave me my first friend, Maybe even a sister. Im sorry I don’t remember any white tigers`. But can you tell me about him or her. If I had another friend I would like to know… please”

Yeah i know. I don't mind if an anime has an abundance of fanservice. I wouldn't mind if it had as much fanservce as Asobi Ni Iko Yu Cat Planet Cuties (One of my all time Favourites). As long as the characters look eighteen and it would be even better if they were eighteen It would be all good. but these days all animes focus on the 13-18 demographic and filling it with content that kids shouldn't be watching. I mean when i was a kid i had to stealthfully change the channel at 10pm and turn the sound down just to watch Adult swim and shows like Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 and at best that had was nude back shots or far away nudity. But most was covered by conventianly placed objects. However kids these days can get access to animes of teenage girls bathing each other and almost every anime has nudity involving breasts and i know that  they dont show the bottom half nude for obvious reasons but seriously Strike Witches went above and beyond to bend that rule almost to breaking point.

Also for a country that has strong censorship standards for manga and adult graphic novel. They sure have alot of nudity in anime.
niloc1 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015
its a strange pickle to say the least,  I honestly bet every Tarantino movie is banned in Australia (just a thought), and who knows why the sex apeal for these new anime now a days.
i was nervous to say it before but the anime i was talking about was Queens blade i urge you to never watch it its terrible

anyways, dude i love cat planet cuties those feline aliens must be extremely nice in person (oh why don't we have kitty aliens on earth right now) to rename their whole species and planet for use earthlings,
and I kind of want to suggest some anime for you if that's alright, if you haven't seen this checked out Assassination Classroom, its a funny anime about a classroom of flunky students that are treated like dirt in their school then this octopus like teacher comes into their life and helps them learn and better themselves in his own way, but the catch is that he blew the moon to kingdom come so it permanently looks like a crescent moon and threatens to do the same to earth, the world government authorize the students and any other characters in the anime to assassinate him, you will love it ^^ 

if you want to read something adorable I suggest… its called Nukoduke you will constantly say Kawaii when you read it

anyways got into any new anime/manga?
(1 Reply)
blaze984 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
She just wont let go of that tail. Twokinds - Baby Talk
niloc1 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015
nope lol, oh just wanna say you should probably check out Okami-san 
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